A New Era

thorne snow

After nearly four years of questionable commitment, I have decided to flee the world of YouTube and enter the world of blogging. This decision has not come with ease. In fact, I spent the whole morning laying on the carpet, staring at the ceiling and pondering the true purpose of my life. This highly dramatic breakdown has made clear that my actions do not align with my happiness. I continually place myself in situations that foster anxiety and I then struggle to escape them. That is why, as implied by the title, it is time for a new era.

I know that the majority of writers swear by the following statement, but I truly believe it. Writing is my purpose. It is the only thing that brings me pure satisfaction. When I pick up a pen or tap on a keyboard, my being is given complete authority to express itself. I am able to channel the past, dissect the present and create any future. It is on this basis, that I have stopped making YouTube videos and instead, started this blog.

Although my YouTube channel is a nostalgic artefact, it is time to let go. There are some brilliant filmmakers out there but I am not one of them. I cannot create films that capture the substance of my message and no matter how many story-time videos I make, I am not getting any closer. What I am able to do though, is write.

This blog will feature my musings, literature, photography and reviews. I know that there are many other blogs that serve the same purpose but I promise the originality of this one. I honestly do.

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