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November 2016


The Neverending Eating Disorder

eating disorder

It has nearly been a year since I had an eating disorder. I cannot describe to you the exact moment I was cured, but in more ways than one, I would say that I am. I no longer refuse myself the nourishment of food, hinge my worth on weight, lock myself in my room, destroy relationships and loathe life.

Despite my achievements, there is one thing that has been immune to all antidotes; My mind. It has been scientifically proven that repeated behaviour causes certain neuron paths to become etched within the mind. That is what happened to me. Months and months of self-hatred and restriction slowly became normalised and now, even though I am recovered, I struggle to expel certain thoughts. Continue Reading


The Duty of a Mother

At university earlier this year, I was presented with the challenge of taking two photos, photoshopping them together and creating a statement. Naturally, I leant towards the controversial and thus the above image was created.

The effects of alcoholism on pregnancy is an issue that never leaves the media spotlight. A simple search on Google provides me with the following headlines; “Don’t Judge Me For Having That Glass Of Wine While Pregnant”, New numbers prompt new warnings about drinking during pregnancy”, “How Much Can You Safely Drink While Pregnant?” Those are only three of the approximate 998,000 search results.  Continue Reading


We All Need to Relax

Let me tell you about my week. It began by travelling three hours on a plane to a little town in Australia that averages 30°C – 40°C each day. I then met two of my nephews for the first time and attempted to settle down in the place that I am to call home for the next three months.

It was all going well. It really was. I explored a few waterfalls, fell in love with the eternal heat, went for a morning run along the beach and sought out a job to compliment my summer. The positivity was short-lived though. Continue Reading


Why Go Vegan?


vegan (noun). a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Whenever someone becomes aware of my veganism, these are their typical responses:

“I couldn’t give up bacon!”
“Do you feel weak?”
“Isn’t it expensive?”
“What about chocolate?”
“What about ice-cream?”
“What about bacon?”
“Where do you get your protein from?”

Although these are all very intelligent reactions, there is one in particular that drove me to write this article; “Isn’t it just another diet?”

Referring to my lifestyle as a diet makes me want to kick you in the head and hope that by some miracle, the impact will reconfigure your brain. I eat the way I eat and I live the way I live for reasons that transcend weight and appearance. Continue Reading


Why I Am No Longer Sober


Nearly 4 months ago, I posted this video.

If you suffer from ‘laziness’ as many of us do and cannot bring yourself to watch the entire video, I will present its main points. I talked about my experience with alcohol in high school and how I used it as a social serum. At every party or get-together, I would get get inconceivably intoxicated and end up on the floor. It even got to the point where I was turning up to school with beer breath. Like a true addict, I became dependent on alcohol and used it to deal with my past, present and future.  Continue Reading


What I Have Learnt from Flatting


If you are confused by the title and more specifically the word ‘Flatting’, that is probably because you do not live in New Zealand. ‘Flatting’ is the New Zealand equivalent to living with roommates, housemates, etc. Although I will use the words ‘flatting’ and ‘flatmates’ in this article, please know that my advice is universal. Living with other people, no matter where you are in the world, can be an absolute fuckery.

At the beginning of this year, I made the bold move of moving in with my boyfriend, my ex-girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, and my party-animal friend. Without even describing my experience, I am sure many of you can guess the nature of it. Continue Reading


Our Hope Is so Much Stronger Than One Man

donald trump

I agree with him on one thing and one thing only; he was severely underestimated by western media. News outlets, social media, celebrities… They all presented him as a parody and one that had no real chance of winning. They were wrong. We were wrong.

Whether we like it or not, the United States of America is the epicentre of the western world. They have mastered the art of media, military and technology. In doing so, they have become the most influential country in the world. This is why their chosen president matters to us all.  Continue Reading


What It Feels like to Lose Your Hair

losing hair

We live in an era of selfies, narcissism and high beauty standards. Even the most down-to-earth of us, still place great importance in the physical. It is hard to escape from our reflections because they have become us. Therefore, when something dramatic happens to the way we look, we perceive it to be something dramatic happening to who we are.

This is exactly what I have experienced time and time again. I have gone through hair loss three times now. The first time, an eating disorder pulled clumps of hair from my scalp. The second time, stress ripped my hair from its roots. Now for the third time, stress has returned or maybe male-pattern baldness has begun, and my hair is becoming thinner. Continue Reading




Before visiting &Sushi in Newmarket, the extent of my Japanese food knowledge was St. Pierre’s Sushi; A food chain that specialises in mediocre sushi. Thankfully, I am now enlightened.

My partner in crime for this experience was my flatmate. She is an unpaid &Sushi enthusiast and upon hearing of my desire to visit, she drove us straight there.

Although it was packed, we simply had to loiter around a few tables until a family of three sensed our hunger and left their empty plates. We took our seats and a nearby waiter began to serve us. I become very overwhelmed by good service because the student budget usually only allows for drive-throughs. Nevertheless, I kept myself together and searched through the menu. Continue Reading


The Kardashians Are Not as Stupid as You Think

Let me premise this by stating that I am not a fan of the Kardashians. Their materialistic values and reality television antics do not bring me to my knees. I find their presence in the media overwhelming and the news stories that surround them, underwhelming. That does not mean I am a hater though. Haters of the Kardashians believe that the family is laced with stupidity and undeserved fame. I’m not convinced. Continue Reading