We All Need to Relax

Let me tell you about my week. It began by travelling three hours on a plane to a little town in Australia that averages 30°C – 40°C each day. I then met two of my nephews for the first time and attempted to settle down in the place that I am to call home for the next three months.

It was all going well. It really was. I explored a few waterfalls, fell in love with the eternal heat, went for a morning run along the beach and sought out a job to compliment my summer. The positivity was short-lived though.

As I write this blog post in my current state, I have sunburns that are bubbling, a face that is swollen after tripping and falling into the corner of a bed frame, a heart that yearns for my boyfriend who is halfway across the world and sanity that has reached its end.

This week has truly been a series of unfortunate events and I cannot wait for Monday to come along and wipe the slat clean. However, my mother has notified me that this bad luck will not stop until I begin practicing a certain kind of self-love.

Relaxation. That is the supposed answer to all my problems. I have never been good at relaxing though. Even during my down-time, I always try and be productive. While watching television, I will be writing to-do lists… While reading a book, I will be thinking about all that needs to be done… While listening to music, I will be cleaning what has already been cleaned. That’s the reality of my livelihood and I unsure of how to live any other way.

Anyhow, my Mother’s theory goes a little like this. “Thorne, you went to Australia to relax and as soon as you got there, you found a job and asked to start straight away. You have had a hard year and are always doing so much. You need to relax and this is the universe’s way of telling you that.”

There you have it… The infamous advice of a parent.

I know how easy it is to become infatuated with our busy world. Trust me, I really do. When you are always busy, you are never without purpose. However, as my Mother keeps trying to tell me, that is a foolish way of thinking. Our purpose is determined by so much more than how many things we can do at once.

On that basis, it is okay to relax and furthermore… It is necessary. If you don’t care for your well-being, the universe may teach you a lesson and give you second degree burns, a swollen face and an aching heart.

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