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The Abomination That Was 2016


This year has been a compilation of absolute bullshit. I am unsure of the science behind it all, but it seems that everyone has struggled. From an orange being elected president to the scandalous breakup of the UK from the European Union, everyone has been affected in some way.

I personally deem this year as unsatisfactory due to having more family drama than the Kardashians, navigating through the mental health system, experiencing a few things that nobody should have to experience and smashing my brand new iPhone 7. I am aware that the last one is highly materialistic and indicative of my privilege but nevertheless, it has solidified my hate for 2016.

I honestly cannot understand why the past twelve months have been filled with so much negativity. Do we just put it down to a bad year or do we put it down to the gradual degradation of our world?

As time passes by, things seem to be getting worse. It’s almost as if the very compassion that humanity was founded on, is becoming a rarity. Why is it rare to be human nowadays? Why is it rare to feel for each other? Why is it rare to care for each other? Why, oh why, oh why?

No matter the answer, I know that I have to find acceptance and work towards change. That’s all any of us can do. We have to accept the celebrity deaths, we have to accept the pain of Syria, we have to accept the shootings and we just have to accept whatever it is that wounds us. Once we accept these things, we can change them. I know that sounds awfully cliché, but I am sincere.

It seems that everyone has dedicated their time to dwelling on the past. We moan about what has happened and wish for a different reality. This is our reality though. The shit that is happening in our world is real and wishing for it not to be, isn’t going to change a damn thing. So please… let’s accept our pain and let go of it. Once we do that, we can channel our energy into making this world a little less barbaric and a lot more humane.

So go forth and let go of the abomination that was 2016. Maybe you want to orchestrate the biggest party you have ever seen, go bungee jumping, scream at the sky or let off a lantern like I did. Whatever it is, allow it to cleanse you and and allow yourself to move into the new year, free from the past and ready to create a better future.

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