‘Please Like Me’: A Television Show Worthy of Obsession

please like me

Even with the most acclaimed of television shows, I am still able to keep my composure. Not even Game of Thrones was able to take my soul hostage until I finished each and every episode. I had control… I usually always have control. That was until ‘Please Like Me’. After subjecting myself to the ingenuity of the pilot episode, I subsequently finished all four seasons in a matter of days.

How did this happen? It’s a matter of relation. The narrative, humour and characters were able to relate themselves to my way of being. The story is centred around a 20-year-old gay man whom is trying to survive the world and all of the fuckery it brings. After his girlfriend realises he is gay and breaks up with him, he is left to confront his true self. A sample of the adventures that follow include falling in love, falling out of love, learning the nature of mental illness, having to parent his parents, delving into the world of MDA, spontaneous¬†alcohol centred¬†camping trips and a whole heap more. Although these aspects of story are contained within so many narratives, no other piece of work is able to present it like this. The cast and dialogue are able to effortlessly carry the stories of humanity and deliver them in a way of realism.

I do not wish for this to be an article of spoilers. This is merely a declaration of the show’s brilliance and a possible explanation of that brilliance. I believe that it all comes down to Josh Thomas. Josh is a 29-year-old comedian, actor, television writer and in my opinion God, who essentially orchestrated the entire show. The script came from his own experiences and he did very little to filter them in the creative process. That is why it feels like you are watching life rather than a television show.

Although I wish possible, my words are not able to truly carry the weight of this show. All I can tell you is that when watching it, my emotions became pieces on a chess board. The only thing is though… I wasn’t in control of them.

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