24 Things You’ll Understand If You Grew up in West Auckland

west auckland

After reading The Urban List’s 24 Things You’ll Understand If You’re From West Auckland, I had to write one for all us blessed beings that spent our childhoods in West Auckland.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are 24 things you’ll understand if you grew up in West Auckland.

  1. Seeing your friends make guest-appearances on Police Ten 7.
  2. Having “random” drug searches at school.
  3. Scoring heaps of free stuff during inorganic collections and then trading it all with your friends.
  4. Westgate shopping centre being the place to go to. #LongLiveWestgate
  5. Falling asleep to the calming sounds of police sirens and passive aggressive rap music.
  6. Constantly hearing why weed should be made legal.
  7. Driving past the ‘Outrageous Fortune’ house and admiring it like it’s the Buckingham Palace.
  8. Being best friends with the local dairy owner and getting them mean hookups.
  9. $1 mix lolly bags. Need I say more?
  10. Wearing pyjamas on mufti day and not being ashamed because everyone else is wearing them too, including the teachers.
  11. Having shoes but never actually putting them on your feet because going barefoot is the way of the Westie.
  12. Being genuinely impressed at how tough your feet are.
  13. Helping yourself to those clothing bins on the side of the road. Okay… maybe that was just my family.
  14. Takeaway night being on Fridays… Saturdays… Sundays and any other nights Mum couldn’t be bothered making boil up.
  15. Having a recycling bin overflowing with empty booze bottles and cans, and then having to redistribute it all among everyone else’s bins.
  16. Going to Henderson West Wave Pool and Leisure Centre and spending the entire day there, even after your parents have left. “Find your own way home.” They said.
  17. Learning how to shoplift for the first time.
  18. Thinking PAk’nSAVE were the only supermarkets in New Zealand because they were the only ones your family went to.
  19. Having that one family friend that would always bring around DVDs of movies that were still in cinemas.
  20. Riding bikes around the streets with your friends, acting like you’re all part of some bogan-ass bike gang.
  21. Walking the streets like you own them, but in reality you’re like 10 and your family doesn’t even own their house. #StateHousing
  22. Thinking The Mad Butcher was the most magical place on earth.
  23. Going to your friends house and seeing their non Signature Range ice cream and being super jealous.
  24. Not wanting to change your childhood for anything, because it was fucking dope.

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