Lorde’s Melodrama Is Pure Heroine

lorde melodrama

I have to preface this review with a confession; I know very little music. I cannot distinguish between many instruments, I don’t even know what a mixer does and best of all, I’m deaf in one ear.

Why you should read an album review written by someone who has just confessed to musical illiteracy?

I am sensitive. I am sensitive to the energies of all beings, to the hearts of the broken and to the stories of the experienced. In that sense, music is the blood to my body. I listen to it and become it, mimicking the Gods that created it and resonating with all that gave them the means to do so.

So although I cannot discuss the technicalities of music, I can discuss the humanity of it.

Lorde’s new album ‘Melodrama’ is pure heroine.

Since early this year, she has been drip feeding us with venom of heartbreak and now that the entire album has been released, I taste the bitter-sweet poison.

They say that musical mastery comes from a broken heart. Artists such as Adele, Fleetwood Mac & Bob Dylan have proved this to be true.

I think when you fall in love with someone, they step inside you and somehow become you. And then, when they break your heart, you almost feel as if you have lost part of yourself. Fragments of your soul are ripped from your body and thrown into no-man’s land, and you’re just left standing, hollow yet disturbingly full.

All of a sudden, you are too much. Everything you feel is too much. You will do anything to stop feeling everything because no creature should be able to feel as much as you feel.

‘Melodrama’ possesses all of that and more. It takes a loss, a thousand losses, and brings them to life with the sound of a witch and the rhythm of night.

From ‘Green Light’ all the way through to ‘Perfect Places’, Lorde keeps to the tradition of ‘Royals’ and pairs empty space with subtle beats to force her words into the limelight.

Stand-out lyrics include:

I am a toy that people enjoy
‘Til all of the tricks don’t work anymore

Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark

They’ll talk about us, and discover
How we kissed and killed each other

Guess this is the winter
Our bodies are young and blue

There is not one track on the album that I deem as inferior because without any of them, her story is incomplete. That’s when an album becomes a masterpiece; When it becomes the sum of all its parts. That being said, I do have my favourites.

‘Liability’ in particular, has become my most treasured tune. This ballad is a manifestation of self-pity. With the piano as backdrop, she describes the feeling of being a hindrance, of being a liability. As someone that often succumbs to the hatred of self, I find this track to be sobering. It teaches that for the most part, all that makes me a liability is believing I am.

If my love for the album has not yet been made transparent, I worry for your lack of perception. As melodramatic as it sounds, Melodrama has hushed the demons within me by giving them something to stop and listen to.

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