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For the past two months I have been chipping away at a sculpture in an attempt to show with it humanity. I was unsatisfied with how the media tends to only nurture the stories of the rich and famous, and thought that by profiling everyday people in my life, I could show the grit of the ‘ordinary’. Did I succeed? No I did not… the people I interviewed did.

Whether it be Maxine and the revelation she came to with her first child, Saskia and the songs she conjures from torture, or Emma and her experience at an eating disorder clinic… they were the ones that shared with the world their narratives, and in doing so, got people to consider the kind of narratives they consume.

Those I interviewed are inextricably tied to my existence and therefore, in some abstract way, I’ve been painting a picture of myself. Now it’s time to unveil it. Who is Thorne? Perhaps if I answer some of the questions from previous interviews, the answer will emerge. Continue Reading



It’s not common practice for one to interview their ex-girlfriend, but this ain’t a common blog. It’s an expression of who I am and how I see the world, and if you haven’t caught up by now, by societal standards, I’m an anomaly. You want proof? My ex-girlfriend and I are best friends.

I met Fransiska during high school; you know the place you either loathe, or reminisce of when you’re in your thirties and still trying to figure out what the fuck you’re doing? Yeah, that place. I cannot recall the specifics of our coming together, but all I know is that one day our trajectories collided, and they’ve stayed that way ever since. Continue Reading




I don’t think I have ever been as nervous to write, as I am in this moment. The woman you are about to see dance in the spotlight, is the reason I am still able to dance. I met her in my junior year of high school, at a time when I was the embodiment of silence, self-hatred and my father’s suicide. Like now, I found great refuge in the written word, and all that I felt and desired to feel, was contained in the ink that I spread across pages. One day I gave her some of those pages. She took them, and loved them, and made them into what I never could.

Maxine is a qualified drama therapist, a founding member of the Healing Through Arts trust, and a woman who bequeaths onto all, the knowingness that they are enough. The charitable trust, of which is her livelihood, was founded in 1994, and uses the intricacies of theatre to nurture the humanity within us all. One demographic that is in perpetual need of this service, is the youth, and Maxine steps up time and time again, to answer their screams. Continue Reading



“How do you want people to remember you after you die?”

How do I want people to remember me, or how will they remember me?

Check and mate. Matthew is the most argumentative person I know (besides myself), and even in the context of interviewing him for an article that’s meant to positively reflect his humanity, he still managed to remain antagonistic as fuck. Each and every question was an opportunity to foster an argument, and the first thing you should know about Matthew, is that he’s an opportunist. That said, there is logic behind this man’s madness.

I think that sometimes people can express their true selves when they’re angry. When you’re in an argument and your adrenaline is running, you just open up. That’s kind of when the real you comes out.

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When I think of this woman, I think of iridescence. I understand the peculiarity of that description, but listen up. I have known her for nearly five years and within that time, she has journeyed through different states. From a high-school dropout, to a business owner, to a university physics student, to an environmentalist, to someone in the midst of love… She has worn many masks and whenever I look at her face, I see them all existing at the same time, painted in varying colours and light.

“Who are you?” I asked.

I guess I’m still trying to figure that out. Some days I feel as though I know exactly who I am; I’m Ash. I want to save the world and make people happy and explore space. Other days I’m a mess and I have no idea what I’m doing. I never want to stop learning and sharing though, so I think my ‘mess’ comes from a place of goodness.

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“I am a blue-haired mother fucking badass.”

Unsurprisingly, that’s how she began the interview. Saskia is a third year radio student, a singer-songwriter, a bartender, and quite possibly nocturnal, due to what I can only assume is her love of the night (or hate of the day).

The Minnehahas, a contemporary music duo including her and her brother, released an album earlier this year; ‘The Trap’. Produced by Malcolm Foster (Simple Minds, The Pretenders), the music is inherently soulful, but it’s true depth is made possible by Saskia, her songwriting, and voice.

Her vocal talent is haunting, something I can only describe as the coming together of Amy Winehouse and Florence Welch. However, its ability to possess those who listen, is attributed to the emotion from which it comes. Continue Reading



Someone recently described this woman as having a “sunny disposition”, and although I have tried to epitomise her with my own words, I cannot; Emma has a sunny disposition and that is that. Nevertheless, I want to delve beneath those words and show why she is worthy of them.

She is a third year journalism student, a sushi fanatic and a laugh on demand.

“I wanted to be a journalist ever since I was seven, ever since I had a tour around TVNZ and watched Campbell Live on set. I remember sitting at THE table, and thinking, ‘Yep, I could do this’.”

Fast-forward to now, and seven year old Emma was right; she could and she has. Her articles have been featured by news sources such as Stuff, Newshub, & New Zealand Herald, with her most notable story of the year creating more controversy than Kylie Jenner’s lips. Continue Reading




For the most part, we seem to only be interested in the voices of the famous and distinguished, because apparently “fame” and “status” is what makes someone worthy of being heard. There may be some truth to this. Those kinds of people have experiences that deviate from the ordinary and there is a lot to be learnt from the unordinary. Nevertheless, everyday people; the ones that don’t live in the limelight, they have voices of value too.

Based on the above train of thought, I have decided to begin a series on this blog called Human. It will showcase prominent people in my life, their stories and the essence of their humanity. Gradually it will also assemble a puzzle of who I associate myself with, and how those people determine who I am. Continue Reading