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7 Things I’ve Learned from One Year of Blogging

Well damn… I’ve been blogging for just over one year. In that time I have woven 44,781 words with my fingers, and organised them into 69 articles. Whether it be the meanderings of my mind or the sarcastic commentary of pop culture, I’ve tried with each article to construct my personhood.

Was I successful? Without a doubt. When it comes to self-expression, I am not capable of abstaining from the truth and because this is so, everything you see and read on this blog is me; Thorne Snow. Continue Reading


Adulthood, The Grinch & Philosophy

It’s been a while. It’s been a long while. The Christmas tree has resurrected, summer is awakening from hibernation, and New Year’s will bring about that cliche “this year will be different” bullshit. For the first time though, I think it might be.

This past month has been a concoction of happenings. I finished university, I travelled to Fiji, I began a postgraduate full-time job, I was confronted with an opportunity that had the potential to change everything, and I stopped writing. I hate that I did that last thing. I filter all that I am through the words that appear to me, and because I stopped writing them down, I became a little lost. In saying that, I think that sometimes it’s okay to be lost. If you only exist in content, how will you ever gain an appreciation of that contentment? Continue Reading


Shortland Street Villains: Where Are They Now?

shortland street

Shortland Street wouldn’t be Shortland Street without its dramatised, boundary-pushing and sometimes oddly attractive villains. Have you ever wondered where they are now? Most likely not, but did you all of a sudden get the desire to find out upon reading the title of this article? The answer is yes. Before I continue, I must admit that although I have watched the show since I was born, I do not possess the kind of memory that Chris Warner does when recalling how many children he has. So without further ado, here is where New Zealand’s most-hated (and most-loved) Shortland Street villains (from the past decade or so) are now. Continue Reading


8 Reasons Why Suzy Cato Is A Queen

suzy cato

If you don’t know who Suzy Cato is, please stop reading this article, contemplate all that has contributed to your life, and repent for your sins. Then maybe come back here, educate yourself, and discover why she is the reigning Queen of New Zealand.

Suzy Cato began her television career in 1990, gracing ‘The Early Bird Show’ with her presence, starring alongside a cast of puppets including ‘Russell Rooster’, an owl, a kea and some ducks. Two years later she was given her own afternoon show, ‘3pm’, produced by Kids’ TV Ltd. After sitting on that throne, she then hosted ‘You and Me’, a pre-school show that I’m sure was used by many parents to babysit their spastic offspring. Last, but sure as hell not least, she set fire to childhood television in 1999 with ‘Suzy’s World’; the greatest production in human history (sorry Game of Thrones). Continue Reading

Reviews Thoughts

What Happened to Natalia Kills?

natalia kills

We are all familiar with the ‘downfall’ of Natalia Kills. In 2015, she and her husband Willy Moon were judges on X Factor New Zealand. One fateful live show, Kills was offended by contestant Joe Irvine, adamant that he had copied her husband.

“I am disgusted.”

“Do you not have any value or respect for originality?”

“I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence, having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.”

Willy Moon then chimed in, comparing Joe Irvine to that of Norman Bates; “It’s like Norman Bates dressing up in his Mother’s clothing.” Continue Reading


I Don’t Know Everything

thorne snow

This may be the most important thing I have written all year; I don’t know everything. I really don’t. I write articles pertaining to my thoughts, beliefs and values, and although this blog may present them as gospel, that is not my intention. This blog is essentially a recording of my journey. Every article I write is written with the ink of my own knowledge and experiences and not for one moment do I consider that ink to be superior. I just consider it to be mine. Continue Reading


Yes, I Want to Be a Teacher


Are you shook? Most people are when I tell them I want to be a teacher. In fact, they protest the very thought and insist that I pursue another career path.

“There’s no money in teaching.”

“You won’t last long.”

“Aim higher.”

Fuck you. Fuck each and every one of you who conjure such words with your mouth and force them upon me. I sincerely apologise for my inability to align myself with what you deem as worthy, but in saying that, I do not apologise at all. I want to be a teacher and if that unsettles you, then so be it. However, if you would like to open your mind for perhaps the first time in your life, then keep reading. Continue Reading


No You’re Not Feminist, You’re Just Sexist


Since a young age, I have both consciously and subconsciously paid heed to the role of women. I remember watching after-school as all of the Mothers came to pick up their children, and wondering to myself why no Fathers ever came. My own parents had split when I was younger, and therefore it was a puzzle I couldn’t solve alone.

“Where are all the Dads?” I hammered into the head of my teacher.

“At work.”

Work? Why was work an extension of manhood and devoting one’s life to children, an extension of womanhood? These thoughts fell as seeds within my mind and my brain soon grew bigger than my skull. Continue Reading


Get out of Your Own Head

get out of your own head

I have recently been listening to the podcast What’s The Tea, featuring RuPaul and the gorgeous Michelle Visage. As an avid fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I expected the podcast to be an extension of the show; a platform to talk about the Drag Queens and the competition. However, after only one episode, I have been bitch-slapped and taught that I should never go making assumptions.

RuPaul and Michelle actually delve into the oddities of life and question why we are here, how we are here and what we are here for. They constantly refer to the ‘human condition’ and how we are all students of the world, being taught lessons that manifest themselves in a multitude of ways. They stitch these philosophical muses into popular culture, interviews with guests and above all humour, which in my opinion, makes the podcast more ‘bingeable’ than Drag Race itself. Continue Reading