• love

    He Tells Me He Loves Me

    He tells me he loves me and I try and imagine that love. It’s unconditional like they say it is, and yet I convince myself of its conditions. He loves you…

  • Human


    “I am a blue-haired mother fucking badass.” Unsurprisingly, that’s how she began the interview. Saskia is a third year radio student, a singer-songwriter, a bartender, and quite possibly nocturnal, due to…

  • natalia kills
    Reviews Thoughts

    What Happened to Natalia Kills?

    We are all familiar with the ‘downfall’ of Natalia Kills. In 2015, she and her husband Willy Moon were judges on X Factor New Zealand. One fateful live show, Kills was…

  • Human


    Someone recently described this woman as having a “sunny disposition”, and although I have tried to epitomise her with my own words, I cannot; Emma has a sunny disposition and that…

  • daniel


    For the most part, we seem to only be interested in the voices of the famous and distinguished, because apparently “fame” and “status” is what makes someone worthy of being heard.…

  • thorne snow

    I Don’t Know Everything

    This may be the most important thing I have written all year; I don’t know everything. I really don’t. I write articles pertaining to my thoughts, beliefs and values, and although…

  • teacher

    Yes, I Want to Be a Teacher

    Are you shook? Most people are when I tell them I want to be a teacher. In fact, they protest the very thought and insist that I pursue another career path.…

  • lorde melodrama

    Lorde’s Melodrama Is Pure Heroine

    I have to preface this review with a confession; I know very little music. I cannot distinguish between many instruments, I don’t even know what a mixer does and best of…