• gay, bald & ginger

    Gay, Bald & Ginger

    “You look like a giraffe”, “gay bald ginger”, “Damn your foreheads gigantic.” That is a mere goody-bag of what is said about me on the internet. The reality is, people don’t…

  • writing a book

    The First Chapter

    I did it. Somehow I did it. I logged into my laptop, pulled up Microsoft Word and let my fingers bleed onto the keyboard. When I began writing, I had a…

  • Thoughts

    How Do People Write Books?

    I want to know. In fact, I need to know. How does one dedicate their entirety to writing a book? How do they sit their for hours and hours, consumed by…

  • split

    Is ‘Split’ Stigmatising?

    Last night I witnessed M. Night Shyamalan’s newest creation; ‘Split’. I am familiar with his work and understand his fascination with all things creepy. However, nothing and I mean nothing, could…

  • vegan youtuber

    Nikocado Avocado: An Ex-Vegan YouTuber

    If you delve into the world of YouTube, you should know by now that the vegan YouTube community is the most dramatic of all. There is scandal after scandal and somehow…

  • 2016
    Reviews Thoughts

    The Abomination That Was 2016

    This year has been a compilation of absolute bullshit. I am unsure of the science behind it all, but it seems that everyone has struggled. From an orange being elected president to…

  • fingernails

    I Bite My Fingernails

    I cannot conjure any memory of having long fingernails because I never have. Since birth my fingers have always been in my mouth and my teeth have always been fixated on…

  • family

    Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?

    I have always been told about the importance of family. “Blood is thicker than water.” “They will always be there for you.” “They will love you unconditionally.” Although I swallowed this…

  • Thoughts

    Hello from the Other Side

    “I think of my life as a garden and in that garden I am trying to grow sunflowers. Day after day, I throw seeds at the soil and water it with…