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Lorde Was Right, We’ll Never Be Royals

lorde royals

Statistically speaking, the majority of us will never be royals because only 1% of us can be the 1%. We all have dreams, we all have creative expression and we all have a genuine desire to be distinguished from our pairs. For most of us though, none of it will ever be reciprocated. How do we continue with our lives knowing that our dreams may remain dreams and that our lives may never be remembered? Continue Reading


The Kardashians Are Not as Stupid as You Think

Let me premise this by stating that I am not a fan of the Kardashians. Their materialistic values and reality television antics do not bring me to my knees. I find their presence in the media overwhelming and the news stories that surround them, underwhelming. That does not mean I am a hater though. Haters of the Kardashians believe that the family is laced with stupidity and undeserved fame. I’m not convinced. Continue Reading