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When I think of this woman, I think of iridescence. I understand the peculiarity of that description, but listen up. I have known her for nearly five years and within that time, she has journeyed through different states. From a high-school dropout, to a business owner, to a university physics student, to an environmentalist, to someone in the midst of love… She has worn many masks and whenever I look at her face, I see them all existing at the same time, painted in varying colours and light.

“Who are you?” I asked.

I guess I’m still trying to figure that out. Some days I feel as though I know exactly who I am; I’m Ash. I want to save the world and make people happy and explore space. Other days I’m a mess and I have no idea what I’m doing. I never want to stop learning and sharing though, so I think my ‘mess’ comes from a place of goodness.

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Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?


I have always been told about the importance of family. “Blood is thicker than water.” “They will always be there for you.” “They will love you unconditionally.” Although I swallowed this wisdom without contemplation, age has forced me to throw it up. We now live in a time of fluidity and family is not excused from this. A person can choose their gender, a person can choose their sexuality and I truly believe a person can choose their family.  Continue Reading


The Duty of a Mother

At university earlier this year, I was presented with the challenge of taking two photos, photoshopping them together and creating a statement. Naturally, I leant towards the controversial and thus the above image was created.

The effects of alcoholism on pregnancy is an issue that never leaves the media spotlight. A simple search on Google provides me with the following headlines; “Don’t Judge Me For Having That Glass Of Wine While Pregnant”, New numbers prompt new warnings about drinking during pregnancy”, “How Much Can You Safely Drink While Pregnant?” Those are only three of the approximate 998,000 search results.  Continue Reading