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Shortland Street Villains: Where Are They Now?

shortland street

Shortland Street wouldn’t be Shortland Street without its dramatised, boundary-pushing and sometimes oddly attractive villains. Have you ever wondered where they are now? Most likely not, but did you all of a sudden get the desire to find out upon reading the title of this article? The answer is yes. Before I continue, I must admit that although I have watched the show since I was born, I do not possess the kind of memory that Chris Warner does when recalling how many children he has. So without further ado, here is where New Zealand’s most-hated (and most-loved) Shortland Street villains (from the past decade or so) are now. Continue Reading


8 Reasons Why Suzy Cato Is A Queen

suzy cato

If you don’t know who Suzy Cato is, please stop reading this article, contemplate all that has contributed to your life, and repent for your sins. Then maybe come back here, educate yourself, and discover why she is the reigning Queen of New Zealand.

Suzy Cato began her television career in 1990, gracing ‘The Early Bird Show’ with her presence, starring alongside a cast of puppets including ‘Russell Rooster’, an owl, a kea and some ducks. Two years later she was given her own afternoon show, ‘3pm’, produced by Kids’ TV Ltd. After sitting on that throne, she then hosted ‘You and Me’, a pre-school show that I’m sure was used by many parents to babysit their spastic offspring. Last, but sure as hell not least, she set fire to childhood television in 1999 with ‘Suzy’s World’; the greatest production in human history (sorry Game of Thrones). Continue Reading


Lorde’s Melodrama Is Pure Heroine

lorde melodrama

I have to preface this review with a confession; I know very little music. I cannot distinguish between many instruments, I don’t even know what a mixer does and best of all, I’m deaf in one ear.

Why you should read an album review written by someone who has just confessed to musical illiteracy?

I am sensitive. I am sensitive to the energies of all beings, to the hearts of the broken and to the stories of the experienced. In that sense, music is the blood to my body. I listen to it and become it, mimicking the Gods that created it and resonating with all that gave them the means to do so. Continue Reading


Why I Am No Longer Sober


Nearly 4 months ago, I posted this video.

If you suffer from ‘laziness’ as many of us do and cannot bring yourself to watch the entire video, I will present its main points. I talked about my experience with alcohol in high school and how I used it as a social serum. At every party or get-together, I would get get inconceivably intoxicated and end up on the floor. It even got to the point where I was turning up to school with beer breath. Like a true addict, I became dependent on alcohol and used it to deal with my past, present and future.  Continue Reading


New Zealand’s Mental Health System

mental health

I wish with my entirety that I could endorse New Zealand’s mental health system. However, in doing so I would be lying and deception is not welcome here. This blog is without censorship and everything I write is based on personal experience and opinion. Therefore, I will hold nothing back when describing New Zealand’s most inadequate system.

‘Perpetuation’ is the word of focus. It is defined as making something longer or continuing it. As someone who has delved into New Zealand’s mental health system on more than one occasion, I believe that perpetuation is its rightful definition. People are diagnosed with illness and the system takes illness and makes it immortal.  Continue Reading


A Little Holiday in a Little Cottage

A one-night holiday is the kind of holiday that would dissatisfy most. Within 24 hours you must travel to the destination, unpack, find your bearings, experience the local activities, find places to eat, relax, pack, tidy the accommodation and then travel back to home-base. The more I think about it, the less holiday-like it becomes. Nevertheless, there are times when life becomes a heavy taxation and thus the only solution is escape. That is exactly how my boyfriend and I found ourselves at Mandhari Cottage Bed & Breakfast in Whangamata. Continue Reading


Sunflower Thai Restaurant


If I am being completely honest, I have visited Sunflower Thai Restaurant over twenty times. That in itself should be indicative of its brilliance but because I will use any excuse to eat there, I decided to return with a friend and write a review.

Firstly, this restaurant is 100% vegan. Many of you may have read that sentence and are now directing the cursor to click off this page. I urge you to stop. Contrary to mainstream belief, 100% vegan does not always mean 100% rabbit food. Just because no animal products are used in the creation of their food, that does not mean that they have had to compromise on edibility. In fact, their menu features 77 dishes. If veganism truly is restrictive and bland then please explain their ability to construct such a menu. Continue Reading


Why We Love to Hate Shortland Street

shortland street

Shortland Street has been on our screens for twenty-five years now. That’s twenty-five years of sometimes mediocre acting, love triangles, absurd Christmas cliff-hangers, know-it-all receptionists and above all… Chris Warner. The fact that it has managed to survive for this long must be indicative of some kind of greatness. What kind of greatness though? Definitely not the kind that we associate with television shows such as Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad and Suits. No… definitely not. However, there has to be some reason for it being one of the most loved television shows in New Zealand.  Continue Reading