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Hello from the Other Side

“I think of my life as a garden and in that garden I am trying to grow sunflowers. Day after day, I throw seeds at the soil and water it with all that I know. However, the seeds never manifest into my desires and instead I am left with weeds that show no mercy. Moral of the story, I am losing faith in sunflowers.”

I wrote that one week ago. I think it is safe to say that I was depressed and even now that the darkness has lifted its foot, I still feel a little grim. This is my reality though. Because of my experiences and the configuration of my mind, I will always be susceptible to sadness.  Continue Reading


We All Need to Relax

Let me tell you about my week. It began by travelling three hours on a plane to a little town in Australia that averages 30°C – 40°C each day. I then met two of my nephews for the first time and attempted to settle down in the place that I am to call home for the next three months.

It was all going well. It really was. I explored a few waterfalls, fell in love with the eternal heat, went for a morning run along the beach and sought out a job to compliment my summer. The positivity was short-lived though. Continue Reading


What It Feels like to Lose Your Hair

losing hair

We live in an era of selfies, narcissism and high beauty standards. Even the most down-to-earth of us, still place great importance in the physical. It is hard to escape from our reflections because they have become us. Therefore, when something dramatic happens to the way we look, we perceive it to be something dramatic happening to who we are.

This is exactly what I have experienced time and time again. I have gone through hair loss three times now. The first time, an eating disorder pulled clumps of hair from my scalp. The second time, stress ripped my hair from its roots. Now for the third time, stress has returned or maybe male-pattern baldness has begun, and my hair is becoming thinner. Continue Reading


Why The Walking Dead Destroyed Me

the walking dead

If you haven’t yet tortured yourself with the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, I suggest abstaining from this article. However, if you did indeed watch it, firstly I want to offer you my condolences and secondly, my honest thoughts.

I grew up with horror films. Judge my parents all you want but I have always been infatuated by evil. I think I was about nine when I watched the first ‘Saw’ instalment. That being said, no horror film could have prepared me for the absolute fuckery that the season 7 premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ displayed. Continue Reading

Literature Thoughts

The History of My Grief


It has nearly been seven years since his departure. That is 2555 days without a Dad. I cannot illustrate to you the perpetual pain of my soul. However, I can share the story of my Dad’s suicide and how a single death managed to determine the future of many lives.

Suicide is a selfish act. This is something that we all know. In destroying yourself, you destroy those who love you. Nevertheless, I am not ignorant. I understand the adeptness of life and how a simple pull of a trigger, tug of a rope or handful of pills, can bring about immediate peace. Just because I understand it though, that does mean I condone it. I could never condone the behaviour of a coward. Especially when the coward fathers children. Continue Reading