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Jake Paul and His Musical Abomination

jake paul team 10

Jake Paul is a social media influencer who admirably so, has been able to gain over 5 million subscribers on YouTube in a remarkably short period of time. Intrigued by his rise to fame, I clicked on one of videos a few months ago, and since then, I have been known as a ‘Jake Pauler’.

Located in the depths of Los Angeles, him and his friends, otherwise known as ‘Team 10’, live together in a mansion. It is there that he has been able to create an empire.

His content involves prank wars, exploring mental hospitals, causing havoc on the set of a Disney show, putting celebrity houses up for sale and more. Ultimately, he uses social media to explore modern day youth culture, which can be both terrifying and captivating at the same time.

Usually he finds a balance between the two, but his recent music video has proved otherwise.

Titled ‘It’s Everyday Bro’, which is his catchphrase, the music video features the majority of Team 10. It presents itself as a rap song, but really amounts to nothing more than auto tuned pop trash. Here’s a mere sample of the first verse:

Man I’m poppin’ all these checks
Got a brand new Rolex
And I met a Lambo too
And I’m coming with the crew
This is Team 10, bitch
Who the hell are flippin’ you?

What I thought would be an anthem of youth, is actually an excuse of a song that places importance on material wealth, while ostracising those that cannot meet their standards. Furthermore, Jake Paul uses the song as a platform to publicly attack a former Team 10 member.

And you know I kick them out
If they ain’t with the crew
Yeah, I’m talking about you
You beggin for attention
Talking shit on Twitter too
But you still hit my phone last night
It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove
And all the recordings too
Don’t make me tell them the truth

I understand that the person he is referring to may have hurt him but nevertheless, publicly shaming them and threatening to blackmail them is rather disgusting, and it also contradicts the peace he’s always advocating for.

If it wasn’t already obvious that the only thing of worth to these people is money, the Martinez twins confirm it with their Spanish verse, which I have gladly translated.

Yes, all I want is money
Working on YouTube all day long
Living in U.S.A
Anyone’s dream

To fully understand the abomination that is ‘It’s Everyday Bro’, you’re going to have to listen to the song for yourself. However, if you wish to spare yourself the inhumane torture, I will sum it up for you; It’s shit.


I Confronted My Social Media Addiction

social media addiction

A little under a week ago, I decided to cease the use of all social media for 30 days. I saw this detox as necessary because I realised that somehow, I had convinced myself that social media was necessary. This realisation along with knowing that life is awfully short, sent me into complete hysteria. I immediately deleted the apps from my phone and blocked the websites from my computer. Goodbye Facebook. Goodbye Instagram. Goodbye Snapchat. I was on a mission to prove to myself that I could exist in this world without social media and furthermore, that I would exist better without it.

Before I continue, you have to understand the irony of this situation. I am in my third year of university, studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English & New Media Studies. Some of my assignments literally involve using social media and a lot of the theory I study, is about social media. However, I kind of think that this is what led me to my Britney Spears meltdown. Continue Reading